Quran Player

Audio Quran with multi language audio translation

* Available on all Android devices from v6.0 (ios version is not complate yet)
Multi Language

Quran With Audio Translate

* include 160 reciters And 38 Audio Translations

What Makes Quran Player Different

Audio Quran collection

Quran Player includes more than 160 recitations of the Holy Quran and 38 audio translations from different languages. And it will be bigger in the future inshallah

Multi Language

Quran audio translation in 38 different languages including English, Arabic, French, Spanish and other languages

High Quality Audio

we collect high quality for all recitations of the Holy Quran.

Friendly Interface

This app is designed clean and minimal based on Material You Design. The color scheme in Android changes based on the phone's wallpaper. And it also has many dark and light skins

Perfect Audio Player

You can control the playback speed And all tools to control the player And you can set a sleep timer for listening. Audio Player is very fast to start and listen Quran.

Create Playlist

You can make bookmark playlist, download audio and make a list of your faverite Tracks

Have Questions? Look Here.

Yes, all parts of the software are free and there are no limitation to use. (include ads)

Yes, we add all the reciters. 200 reciters have been added in the first version and we will add more reciters in the future

Yes, you can send us email and we check the reciter you want to add into App in the future. inshallah

not yet. we publish this app for android first and we develop and publish ios, wear os, android tv and more platform in the future. inshallah

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